Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ten Days of Mommyhood and Counting . . .

I like being a mom now better than I did five days ago. I guess that means I'm adjusting. I imagine it also reflects the fact that the Wee Precious is sleeping two and three hour stretches at night now rather than an hour at a time. It also might have something to do with the visit Miss Amelia and I took to the Lactation Clinic—we are both happier ladies for that. I actually haven’t cried at all in two whole days.

And people are bringing us fabulous meals; it makes me feel a bit guilty for all those pizzas I’ve dropped off to new moms and sick Relief Society sisters over the past couple of years, but hey, at least I never lose any dishes!

And then there's The Precious herself. I just can't stop looking at her. Everytime I think my eyes are about to fall out of my head from exhaustion during late night/early morning feedings, I look at Amelia and say a little prayer of gratitude. I love her. She is my sunshine.

Thanks to all of you who have been so kind to us, Pete and I (and Amelia as well, though she doesn’t express it very openly) really appreciate you. Thanks to Aunt Sarah for coming to our aid in the newborn clothes department. Amelia was living in baggy onsies before you came by with some preemie clothes.

And a very special thank you to whoever gave me Lanolin at my baby shower—I can’t remember who you are right now, but you were divinely inspired and I love you.

Friday, February 20, 2009

What I've Learned from Five Days of Motherhood

1. Newborns sleep a lot. Except at night. New moms don't really sleep at all.
2. Baby clothes that are size 0-3 months do not fit newborns.
3. Middle-aged female neighbors whom you've never met before bake you treats--so they can come over and hold your baby.
4. Your belly doesn't go away after delivery, in fact I still look five months pregnant.
5. New moms leak. Enough said.
6. New moms cry for no apparent reason. I've found that exercise and sunshine helps this, and Amelia seems to like walks in the park in her tummy pack carrier (or rather, she sleeps through the whole thing).
7. No matter what anyone says, newborns can and do smile.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Bombshell's Grand Entrance

Just a few pics of our little Angel Baby.

Amelia Rose Tidwell, born February 15, at 4:03 p.m. 7lbs 8oz 19 inches long.

Will post more about the birth later, but we have to go watch the Cougars beat the Lobos right now!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love Journaling

I was completely inspired by a story that was printed in the February issue of the Ensign this year called Cards that Keep. The story is about a man who decided that rather than continuing to buy cards for his wife on special occasions that would always end up in a box or in the rubbish, he would make her a "Love Journal" that she could keep. In the journal he would leave her messages that she could refer to over and over, reminding herself how much and why her husband loved her.

His wife responded by writing messages back to him in the journal as well, and it became their mutual way of leaving random love notes for each other and adding a fun element of romance to their relationship.

So for Enrichment today--and just in time for Valentine's Day--we made Love Journals. It turned out to be so fun, a Relief Society craft that actually has meaning and doesn't require endless sanding or toll painting! I'm quite proud of the way mine turned out. Here’s hoping Pete’s as impressed with my thoughtful craftiness as I am.

"Off to the De-Juicing Room!"

I bought myself a new track suit (who am I kidding? Track implies vigerous movement--its a lounge suit) as something comfy I could wear, and basically live in, until my baby is born.

It's bright blue. I like to wear blue. I used to think it made my eyes sparkly and vibrant. Now, when I look in the mirror and I'm wearing my blue lounge suit I am reminded of this scene from the classic movie adaptation of Roald Dahl's timeless novel:

But my blue is a bit brighter. Two more weeks!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"How are you Feeling?"

Fine. Large. Uncomfortable. Blasted ready to have this baby.

And it's finally happened; I have cankles. It could be much worse I suppose, at least I'm in my last three weeks. Some women start the whole ankle swelling thing earlier on and have to deal with cank-u-lars for months rather than a couple weeks, but I can't help but whine just a bit when I look down and see what used to be my ankles that now resemble squashy sausages.

At least I still don't have a road map of stretch marks on my belly. In fact, the last time I went to the doctor to have this little girlie checked out the doctor commented on what nice condition my skin was in. No stretch marks at all on my belly. Just in case you were curious.

No varicose veins either. So I'm counting my blessings. And the days. Just under three weeks and I'll be a Mom. I think I'll take up Belly Dancing classes to get into shape (to celebrate my remarkably stretch mark free belly of course). I've heard it's amazing for toning muscles and sounds like good craic. I told Pete about my post-pregnancy slimming down plans and he seemed slightly concerned about my interest in donning jewels, fringe and veils to prance about with a bare belly. I reassured him it would just be for class (and maybe a bit around the house) and that I wouldn't go out into public like that. Probably.

I'm not sure he was reassured though.

It's plans like these that are getting me through these last few weeks and keeping me upbeat. If I had nothing but late night feedings and sore stitches to look forward to I might not be as excited for this "most noble transition into motherhood" as I am. So bring it on. I'm ready . . . I think.