Saturday, July 28, 2012

18 Months

The last nine months . . .

Have gone insanely faster than the previous nine. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

What Happened Today

Today my three year old:
-Flooded the bathroom sink
-Smeared chocolate on one of my living room chairs
-Ate half a bottle of Tums before I caught her
-Wet her pants (twice)
-Used permanent marker on her bed
-Pulled out every wipe in a brand new package
-Scattered my earring dish across the nursery floor, a number of them are now missing
-Dug into my sewing tote and wadded up the tissue paper pattern pieces I had cut out

Some days I don't feel the joy or privilege of motherhood. Some days I think a two year lease is a much better option than a contract for life--and longer. Some days, I realize I'm clearly not paying enough attention and this poor kids is turning herself inside out to get me to notice her. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

High Culture and Barn Yard Animals

My baby sisters came to visit me for a few days and so I naturally had to show them a good time. Kait came a couple days before Ally arrived, and we decided to hit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to indulge in some high culture before heading to the Central Park Zoo.

I love the Met, and I don't spend near enough time there. Here's a tip for anyone looking to visit NYC: The Met, like many other city museums, his a suggested admittance price. That means that when you walk in and see the sign that says Adults $25, you don't really have to pay $25. It's just their suggestion. You can hand them a quarter and walk in.

I try not to be too cheap, I do support the arts after all, so I gave the lady four quarters instead. It's worth the investment to expose my children to some of the world's best art.

Here's Kait contemplating the masters. 

And of course Amelia running amok and ignoring the priceless masterpieces on the walls.  

Amelia was much more taken with the round couches

And the water fountain. 

She was much more in her element among the barn yard animals in the Children's Zoo in Central Park. 

It happened to be Georgie's eight month birthday. Here are a few shots of the wee birthday baby.


NY Independence Day

It seems reasonable, does it not, to suppose that New York City would have a full calendar of exciting events scheduled to commemorate our nation's Independence Day? 

Well, they don't.  

We decided to stay in the city for the 4th of July this year and I guess we assumed we'd hear of something fun and patriotic going on that we could check out, but we never did. 

Yes, there is a fireworks display over the Hudson, but the City goes to great lengths to ensure that it's the least convenient fireworks show in the nation to attend. All the local parks are closed and the only place people are allowed to assemble to watch the fireworks is on the West Highway (which is, of course, closed to traffic). But no one is allowed to bring chairs or blankets to set out, so there is just a swarm of hot, uncomfortable tourists (the locals all go out of town--except us) milling around for possibly hours waiting for the fireworks to start. 

Not willing to stand around with the girls for hours to stake out a spot, we arrived around 8:30. We actually found a place to sit on a low wall and got out the glowy bracelety things for the girls to play with until the fireworks started. They had a great time staying up late and playing around, but when the fireworks started, we realized why it had been so easy to find a seat. The fireworks were far enough down the river that they were hidden behind the trees. We could see a few scattered sparkles through the branches, but we missed most of the show. Thank you NYC for putting on a fireworks display but making sure that most of the population of the city couldn't see it through the foliage. 

So much for a New York Independence Day. I've decided that the 4th of July is best celebrated in small towns anyway. I think I'll do like most New Yorkers and leave for the 4th of July every year from now on.

The one other event we did find to participate in for the 4th was a small (very small) children's parade. It was being held not far from our apartment, so we decided to check it out. Our intent was to watch the parade, but when we got there, there were no spectators. Just a hoard of kids and parents dressed up in their red white and blue. Many of them I recognized from the Stake, so it was largely a parade of patriotic Mormons. Typical, yes? So we joined in and walked the parade.

At the end of the parade a fire engine hooked up to a fire hydrant and sprayed water for all the kids to play in. This was definitely the best part of the parade, even though Georgia wasn't too pleased that I made her pose with the hydrant to get my city-kids-playing-in-the-fire-hydrant photos.  

This photo was before the parade.  Amelia was so excited to see, "the dancer girls and the music." Sorry, no dancer girls. No music. This wasn't that kind of parade.

This was after the parade. Amelia completely forgot about the absent dancer girls when she got some free samples of Annie's Cheddar Bunnies someone was handing out.  Georgie couldn't get over the fact that I actually put her down--again.

Happy as a clown waiting for the fireworks to start. I didn't have the heart to tell her we were missing the Beach Boys at the Stadium of Fire. Next year.