Thursday, December 20, 2007

Return to the Scent Saga

A few posts ago I mentioned my scent savvy hippie friend who had the good taste and discriminating nose to recognize my fabulous perfume. Well he isn' t the only one noticing. Last week I met with my writing professor, Ann Dee Ellis, to conference on a couple of chapters I have been working on in my novel. In the midst of our discussion of character development and voice, she asked me what perfume I was wearing, because, of course, it was divine. I told her, and she was delighted to find that she already owned the perfume, but she never wore it. The next time we met in class Ann Dee announced that she had followed my example and started wearing the luscious scent and that her husband was quite pleased. She left it at that, and I think I will too. It warms my heart to know that I can make a difference.

Bombshell with Brains

I finished college yesterday. I sat in that stuffy overcrammed auditorium that I've been attending History 201 in for the past four months wondering who all these people taking the exam were, and why they never came to class all semester as I wrote a brilliant essay on the causes of the rise of Western Europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire. At 2:30 I dotted my last period, threw down my pen and yelled "It's over! I'm Free!!" Well not really. I actually dropped my pen, nearly hit my head on the chair in front of me when I stooped to pick it up, and stepped on three peoples' toes as I squeezed down the aisle to turn in my test. I am not normally a clumsy person. But this is huge. I realized that now my school days are over and I have so many choices and responsibilities ahead of me. I need to get a full-time job so I can earn some money and start saving to buy a house, and I need to get a job with good benefits so I can afford to have a baby someday to put in that house, and I really want to spend more time working on my novel now, but that's kind of scary too because what if it's no good and no one will publish it?
I think thinking about all this made me nervous. That explains the toe stepping. In fact it must have made me nervous because after I finished the exam I just kept thinking about what I should do with my life now, so I had to go to the track and run a couple of miles. Then I went home and took a shower and shaved my legs. No matter what comes next in life, I knew I wanted to meet it with smooth and shiny legs.