Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday in the Park

Yesterday I had fun being a mom. The weather was perfect and I took the little dollface to the park near our house to soak it in. Amelia spotted a birthday party that was being held at one of the pavilions and decided to crash it. There were balloons blowing all around on the grass and luckily the three year old presiding over the party wasn't too territorial when she claimed a couple.

There were also some kids at the park playing with sidewalk chalk. Amelia introduced herself to them too, and ended up with her own piece of chalk. Didn't get the concept of drawing with it though. At least not on the sidewalk.

I of course had my camera with me (moi am a photography student after all) so I was well pleased to catch these pics. Thanks for being my subject Amelia, much more interesting than last week's still lifes! (Although a couple of those turned out cool too.)

Monday, March 15, 2010

I’ve been watching a lot of What Not To Wear lately-maybe not the best use of my time in the world, and sometimes I think they can be pretty mean spirited to the people getting makeovers, but honestly, they’re so right. Anyway, I’ve decided that I am in need of a makeover before I try to live amongst the fashion forward masses of New York City.

I don’t think I’m as bad an offender as some of the people on the show (did anyone catch the episode with the practicing witch? Pretty scary wardrobe.) But there are definitely some pieces in my closet that Stacey and Clinton would mock mercilessly. Things I’ve had since high school—which was a long time ago for me.

So, to begin creating my new look, I’ve been searching for potential haircuts. Below are the finalists, please vote on the one you like best (for me).