Thursday, August 15, 2013


I yet live.

Some of you may have wondered. (With reason.)

Actually, to be honest, the reason I didn't post anything for so very, very long is because I was having a hard time finding much nice to say about my situation. Ok, that was the case for a few months, but then I just vacillated between being busy and being lazy. (Sorry.)

But here's the down low:

* We moved back to Utah. I was not an initial fan of this plan (Pete admitted that he was actually terrified to bring up the idea because he knew how much I loved living in NYC). But when his parents decided to serve an LDS mission and the opportunity came up to live in their home free of rent for 18 months, well, the lure of saving money for a future home eventually won me over. (I'm much happier in Utah now than I was those first few adjustment-y months.)

* My In-laws did NOT leave on the above mentioned mission. At least, not until seven months after the initial planned date. They were originally called to serve a temple mission in Brazil, but because of visa issues, their departure date kept being pushed back month by month until they finally tired of waiting and requested a reassignment.

* My in-laws left for a mission to Mozambique. That's in Southern Africa, for those of you who had only a foggy idea of where that may be located. So I no longer live in the same house with anyone who is not part of my immediate family. It's nice. But won't last long; Pete's cousin is going to live in the basement (not a separate apartment) while he's waiting to get married. Then we'll have all sorts of family staying with us as we get ready for my sister to get married. Which brings me to my next point:

* My baby sister is getting married. Kind of exciting, and I'm a little bit embarrassed of how much time and effort I put into searching for the perfect flower girl dresses. (They are pretty fab, though.)

* I've lost 25 pounds. We can talk more about this later. Or maybe we won't. I tend to think of my health (weight, diet, etc.) like I think of my sex life. Just because it's there doesn't mean it needs to be discussed openly, and with strangers. But people ask, and I have to admit, it is pretty exciting to have found something that works. And I'm also considering becoming a health coach for the program I've been using, so if that happens my weight loss story will become a shameless marketing tool. We shall see.

* I've started refinishing furniture. So far I've redone a decorative bookcase and a set of whicker patio furniture. Next I'm planning on working on a coffee table. My ideas are becoming more ambitious a lot faster than my skills are progressing, but since I'm working with thrifted, garage sale fodder, I feel validated experimenting.

* My kids are growing up. For reals, though. Georgia has transitioned from a baby into a little human being, complete with a definite personality, sense of humor and extensive vocabulary. It amazes people that such clear, thought out sentences come out of something so small. And Amelia is practically a lady. She's getting ready for her second year of pre-school, and is taking a ballet/tap dancing class. She's always running out the door to the neighbors' house and talks incessantly about what her friends said, and did and all that kind of stuff.

(Is this reading like a Christmas letter?)

Anyway, we're in Utah. Pete works for doTerra as the Corporate Communications Manager (and loves his job, actually) and his wedding cake and catering business, The Mighty Baker, is doing well and picking up steam. I have fun hobbies (plan to start writing seriously again IN THE NEAR FUTURE) and my life is full. We are really happy. It took me a while to be able to say that honestly, but it is now true. We are happy.

And I might post here again soon.


If I get over being busy/lazy at the same time again soon.


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