Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Out to the Ball Game

The New York County Fair was held over Labor Day weekend. It sounded like charming, good old fashioned family fun with rides, games, food, crafts, contests, animals, even pig races and pie eating contests.

But it was all the way out in the center of Staten Island. So we went to a Yankees game instead (that's only 15 min on the subway). But totally all-American, wouldn't you say?

I, of course, took the opportunity to bring along the new camera (I feel as though I should name the camera. He's more or less my new constant companion).

Here are a few of my favorite images of the day.

Amelia was really interested in the ball game for about 3.5 minutes. Pete was so proud of how excited she was when we arrived in our seats and she kept saying, "Baseball Mama, those mans are playing baseball!"

This man was in heaven. Pete's pretty sure there's a very large baseball field in the Celestial Kingdom.

And of course, what's a baseball game without hotdogs and ice cream? Not a baseball game at all actually.

Here's Amelia explaining the game to Baby Tina. I heard her say, "He has to hurry up or he'll go to time out." Priceless.

*Note: Pete wants me to make clear that he is in no way a Yankees fan in particular. The man just loves baseball and we happen to live in New York City not too far away from Yankee Stadium and get cheap tickets (as in, $6 or so). The hat is one of many in his collection of hats from places we've lived and visited. Just so you know.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting Excited

I think this picture appropriately expresses the overall feeling at our place right now:

Thanks to Pete's Mom and Dad for helping us get ready, "Bayou" shirts are just what we needed to get in the spirit. I'm making carmel popcorn and homemade Oreos (dyed blue, of course) and I bought the blue potato chips. We invited over some neighbors.

Now, if only the Time Warner guy would show up to finish wiring us for cable, our BYU Opening Game Party would be complete. Go Cougars!