Friday, June 20, 2008

My Handsome Prince's Carriage

The sad, sad day finally arrived. Poor HP had no choice but to sell his old VW Golf to a scrap yard. I tried to be supportive and understanding about the whole thing. He really loved that car (although she didn't ever have a name until I came into the picture and Christened her Roxanne). I loved that car too. We enjoyed our earliest dating days in Roxy. We used to kiss in the back seat. (It never got TOO steamy though). HP even asked me to marry him once (the first time) in Roxy's back seat. I even hung a fabulous rhinestone necklace around Roxy's rear view mirror to help her feel young and glam.

I understand that Roxy was HP's first love. He bought her when he was sixteen and has had her ever since. It was very difficult for him to let her go.

But honestly, in all fairness, Roxy did die about seven months ago. Her poor dead carcass has been casting a shadow in the driveway all that time with no real hope of ever moving again. I'm surprised our amiable landlords never politely asked us to remove her. Deep down I don't think HP ever gave up the idea of putting a new transmission (roughly $2,000) into her old frame (Blue Book value: $1,500).

But alas, he eventually had to face the hard truth. Roxy really was not coming back from the dead. Accepting $300 for her remains and watching her drive away on the back of a crude old tow truck was one of the hardest things he's ever had to do. (I reclaimed my fabulous rhinestone necklace first).

Poor HP. Time for a new set of wheels!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Posh Holiday

The HP and I took the most incredible trip of our lives to Ireland and England visiting friends and seeing beautiful places. We took well over 1,000 photos.
No worries, I'll not post them all. Just a few tasty treats.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Bombshell at Work

Well it finally happened, I guess it was inevitable. I got a real job. Gone are the days that I was a lady of leisure, dabbling in writing a novel, lounging in satin pajamas and prowling department stores while my hard working Handsome Prince toiled away supporting my lavish lifestyle.

But on the upside I'm a professional writer now. I work for an online marketing company doing SEO, and although I haven't got a really clear idea of what that is despite the many many training sessions I've attended lately, I just write my articles and profiles for clients and all is well. I find I quite enjoy it. And I've been assigned some rather appropriate articles to write; one on precious gemstones, one on rhinestone tiaras, and one on a luxury multi-million dollar ski club.

It all was quite remarkable really. Getting a job I mean. I was on an extended holiday with the Handsome Prince in Ireland and England when I received a more than usually intriguing email. One of the companies that I had interviewed with months previously and had not offered me a position contacted me asking if I would consider a new copy writing position. I replied that I might consider it, but that I was presently out of the country, and they were kind enough to hold the position for me. I interviewed for the position the day after my return to the blessed United States and was given an offer right then. I happily accepted it. I began work the following day. So here I am, blogging at work in my charming cubicle. A grown up bombshell.