Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Family that Plays Together

My family plays pretty hard. It feels like we're doing "stuff" all the time. Parks, museums, concerts, libraries, gardens, zoos, pools, puppet shows, you name it, we're there. In fact, when I'm talking to my Mom on the phone, our conversation often goes something like this:

Mom: So, what're you up to today?

Me: Well, there's this ________ going on down at the _______ ______, and I was thinking I'd take the girls and go _________ing, and then check out the ________ ________, and then meet some friends for some _________.


Mom: You sure work a lot harder to entertain your kids than I ever did.


But I don't have a back yard. So climbing trees and running barefoot through the grass and making flower chain crowns and catching grasshoppers are kind of out of the question. (There are few places in this city I would suggest running barefoot--and just try picking flowers here, see what happens.) 

So I embrace it. I'm busy entertaining my kids almost all the time. So this is a post dedicated to highlighting some of the things we've done to stay entertained lately:

Indoor games with Daddy (On rainy Saturdays) 

Checking out the Discovery Room at the American Museum of Natural History (of Night at the Museum fame)

 P.S. This is the coolest card catalogue chest type thing I've ever seen. The little ladies explored opening the drawers and finding treasures for almost an hour.

Impromptu Huck Finn swimming at the park

And Beauty Parlour--this was also impromptu, and unfortunately, unsupervised.

But that is not all, oh no, that is not all.

More to come.