Saturday, May 26, 2012


The Easter Bunny brought this girl an Iris costume.  We may never go back to princesses.

Spring in the NYC

When Pete and I decided to move to New York about a year ago people pretty much told us we were crazy. I heard every single version of, "I don't know how you can live in a place like that."

Now I walk around the Central Park gardens (which are about two blocks away from my apartment) with my camera snapping photos of every lovely thing and I can't help but think to myself, "They haven't a clue what they're talking about."

Decisions Decisions

The number of major life changing decisions with which my little family and I have been faced is decidedly above average of late.  I'll list a few:

1. Pete decided to leave his job. A desk job in marketing within the international beauty industry turns out to not be the best fit for an outgoing people person whose passion is pastry.

2. We decided to launch a website promoting Pete's cake art career (more on this later).

3. I decided to give up writing entirely and devote myself to developing as a high-end wedding  photographer.

4. We decided to buy a wedding cake and catering business in Seattle, which of course also entailed moving across the country.

5.  I decided that it really is more practical to buy a house in Seattle than rent one. I also decided on a house to buy.

6. We decided not to buy the wedding cake and catering business (it's a long story, but trust me, we made the right decision) and to stay in New York. (We also decided not to buy the house.)

7. I realized that there was no conceivable way I could become a real, professional wedding photographer, and gave that nonsense up. Back to writing (which is harder).

8. I decided to look into child modeling agencies here in the city and entertained the idea of getting my girls an agent (an idea I did not come up with on my own, but have been told that I simply have to do so  nearly on a daily basis. Mostly by strangers.)

9. After briefly researching childrens' modeling, I remembered that I don't believe in children modeling as a principle. I decided not to get the girls an agent or sign with an agency.

10. Pete decided to take a sales position that he should be really successful in, and should give him time to pursue his cake business.

That's a lot of deciding going on.

But although I've decided not to become a professional photographer and not to turn the little ladies into professional models, I'll still be snapping a lot of pictures and they'll still be my primary subjects.