Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Suspicious Activity

Hi, remember me? I used to blog here in this little corner of cyberspace. That was before my child ripped out half the keys on my keyboard and I lost all motivation to share my life and fascinating thoughts with the world and I let the blog go feral for a month or so.
So what prompts my sudden unexpected return to blissful blogging now?
Well, a few things.

Firstly, thanks to a reasonably decent tax return, we bought a new computer. Hoorah, hoorah, hoooorah! We got a Mac, in case you're interested
and it has all it's keys. Pete has been converted to Apple for a good long time, and my growing interest in photography, coupled with my sister's zealous proselyting for the Apple cause, convinced me a Mac would be a good investment.

I wish I had captured Pete's face when I casually suggested that we use our tax returns to buy a Mac. He was assuming we'd use the money for something disciplined and responsible, like paying off our credit card, and saving for Amelia's college education. But as soon as I mentioned the magic "M" word, discipline went out the window and he immediately began researching models, pricing and programs. (Note, we did actually put a hefty amount toward our credit card as well, we are not
completely irresponsible regarding finances--but it looks as though poor Amelia will just have to get a job someday.)

Another reason I was jump-started back into blogging (remember, that's what I was talking about) is that my Mom called me with a distressing discovery; she had tried to visit my blog--no doubt hoping for a scintillating update that sadly wasn't there, and
couldn't find it.

My blog I mean.
It had been removed. Gasp, I know. All my interesting and insightful thoughts on life, not to mention my priceless photos were simply, gone. It pains me to think what she, and others who had a similar experience, must have felt at finding my blog to be missing.

Actually, I only know of one other person who noticed, but still, there
may have been others. It's possible. So I got on the (new) computer and dug around google until I found a help page.

Apparently, my blog as well as my email had been disabled because there had been some
suspicious activity regarding my google account. I never did find out exactly what that activity was, they just made me change my password and called it good, thankfully restoring my blog and email at the same time. So no worries.

And the last reason I've returned to blogging?

Well, I think I've nearly finished throwing up now and might feel more up to it in the next few months. Hopefully.

October 23, 2011. Save the date!